Odevo becomes SaaS supplier to JM

Image: Daniel Larsson, CEO of Odevo

Odevo, an international challenger to the property and housing management industry, has entered into an agreement with JM. JM will license Odevo’s proprietary platform to manage both its condominium customers and rental tenants. As a result, four Swedish management companies and thus a third of Sweden’s homeowner associations (i.e., 500,000 properties), will now be connected to Odevo’s platform.

Private housing is the world’s largest asset class and usually the largest investment an individual makes during their lifetime. Nevertheless, it is an industry that is often far behind in terms of both digital development and customer focus. Odevo is a fast-growing international player with a turnover of SEK 1.5 billion that is challenging the traditional property and housing management industry by, among other things, becoming a SaaS supplier of its proprietary property management platform.

Odevo now announces that the company will be supplying SaaS to JM, which will use the platform in order to digitize and simplify management for both customers and employees.

“We chose to license Odevo’s platform because we believe it will add customer value. Our internal work with financial management will also be more stimulating and more efficient. We believe this will contribute to a better customer experience and add value for our customers,” says Niklas Dahlstedt, CEO of JM@home.

JM will be the fourth property manager to join the platform after Nabo, SBC and Riksbyggen. According to the agreement, 8,500 of Sweden’s approximately 29,000 tenant-owner associations (aka., homeowner associations) will be connected to the platform by the beginning of 2023. This corresponds to 500,000 properties, which means that approximately one third of Sweden’s tenant-owner associations will be managed using Odevo’s platform.

“We are very pleased that JM has chosen Odevo’s platform for its management. Our ambition is to develop ways to simplify the management of properties and housing through digitalisation and thereby fundamentally change the industry. That we are expanding our role as a system supplier for the Swedish market is proof that we are one step closer to our lofty ambitions of creating a standard for the market,” says Daniel Larsson, CEO of Odevo.

Work to prepare the platform for JM has already begun, e.g., by Odevo developing a separate platform environment, so that JM’s customers and employees can begin using the platform on January 1, 2023.

For more information, contact:

Daniel Larsson, CEO Odevo

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About Odevo

Odevo is a fast-growing international player that is challenging the property and housing management industry. The company’s proprietary tech platform automates and simplifies manual processes in the management of tenant-owner (aka., homeowner) associations. Odevo also acts as a SaaS supplier to offer the platform to companies outside the Group.

Odevo is currently active in three countries, and expansion into new markets is expected in the near future. The company has greatly increased its investment in its proprietary tech platform to drive digitalisation and challenge the traditional property and housing management industry. The platform has been under development for more than 15 years and covers all aspects of a property’s needs. Property and financial systems, task management, documentation management and contract management are all examples. Today, the platform is used by Nabo, Riksbyggen and SBC.

The Odevo Group has a total of approximately 1,400 employees and a turnover of just over SEK 1.5 billion. Average annual growth between 2019 and 2021 was 135%, of which about 15% was organic growth in 2021.