Odevo Expands Rapidly in Finland with the Addition of Six New Companies

People in the image: Krister Illvonen, CEO of Kontu.

Odevo, the fast-growing global property management group, expands rapidly in Finland with the addition of six property management companies, including Iljan Isännöintikeskus, Savon Isännöintipalvelu, Jyväskylän Kiinteistöpalvelu, OP Järvi-Häme, OP Etelä-Pirkanmaa, and OP Filia. 
Odevo Finland today comprises Kontu, a new and fast-growing property management company formed from the joint forces of four property management companies over the past two years. In the last three months, six additional property management companies have joined Odevo in Finland, significantly increasing its presence and capabilities in the market. These new additions include Iljan Isännöintikeskus, Savon Isännöintipalvelu, Jyväskylän Kiinteistöpalvelu, OP Järvi-Häme, OP Etelä-Pirkanmaa, and OP Filia. Kontu currently has a revenue of EUR 18 million, and with these recent additions, the revenue is expected to increase to EUR 28 million this year. 
Odevo is on a mission to become the leading force in the residential property management industry by leveraging the combined power of people and technology. The company’s expansion in Finland is a testament to this commitment. The addition of these new companies strengthens Odevo’s presence in Finland and provides further opportunity for investments in technology and enhancing the value offered to customers. 
“We are thrilled to welcome these new companies into the Odevo family, and that they chose to join our journey. These are the strongest property managers in their respective regions,” said Krister Ilvonen, CEO of Kontu. “We share the same drive to change the industry, and joining forces allows us to expand our investment in technology. Combined, this strengthens our position in the market. Our Nordic property management platform, in particular, will drive greater value to our customers and contribute to the development of the market as a whole in Finland.” 
Odevo has grown more than thirty times in just 4 years and is now home to 6,000 employees with 1,2 million homes under management and an annual revenue of 500 million EUR. Odevo plans to continue its strong growth journey, both organically and by attracting additional companies to join the group. This approach has secured leading positions in Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States in just a few years. The company has greatly increased its investment in technology and digital transformation and now employs close to 150 software engineers developing bespoke industry solutions. 
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