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I joined Odevo because I was drawn to the company’s exciting journey in challenging the proptech industry. But what has made me truly love working here are the great people, leadership, and strong culture. I feel supported, challenged, and inspired every day, and I’m excited to continue growing with Odevo.

Lena Jonsson — Development Team Manager

I like the fact that we are making the work of property management easier, because it affects so many people. We all care about our homes. That makes my job of delivering a quality product all the more rewarding.

Kim Bastos — Test Engineer

For developers, Odevo is a great place to influence the process from start to finish. We get to solve important problems for our users with the backing of our property manager colleagues. This is what makes my work meaningful and motivates me to continue to find the most creative and useful solutions.

Isabella Markskog — Software Engineer

The opportunity to shape the future of property management at Odevo was the reason I joined. My development teams and I have full autonomy to design and build the next cutting-edge, global property management platform. Here, I have a voice and can make a difference.

Duong Tran — Application Development Manager

I was the chairman of the board of my own homeowner’s association before starting here. Now, being a leader at Odevo I have the first hand opportunity to improve the lives of tens of thousands of property owners and millions of homes, as I very well know our customers’ needs.

Jim Lindberg — Development Manager

Our software is designed and built by Property Managers for Property Management to modernize the user experience and improve customer engagement. We are rolling the software out across the UK to start, and after that internationally. We have an amazing team, with people and technology at the heart of everything we do.

John Bromilow — CIO Rendall & Rittner

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Daniel Larsson
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