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Name: Fredrik Dahlström


Location: Sweden’


Name: Pasquale Di Nicola


Location: Sweden


Name: Lars Rutegård


Location: Sweden




Background: Fredrik is an experienced platform architect and developer with the ability to translate business needs into technical solutions. His background spans a range of categories, from the worlds of finance, media, and technology. He’s had roles as tech lead and lead programmer at Spotify, Neonet, and Videoplaza



Background: Lars has a wide-ranging and in-depth experience across all kinds of business in the areas of business development and leadership. He’s worked in the telecommunication, tech, and financial management industries. He’s also got a decade of CEO experience across three companies.



Background: Pasquale draws on considerable insight and experience in the Nordic and European banking sector. He has widely advised banks’ CFOs and Treasurers within the areas of funding & liquidity, regulation, risk management. Before co-founding MONU, he was a partner at Ernst & Young.

In the current landscape it is often quite time consuming and cumbersome to get access to the best financial products on the market. It usually requires both skills and extensive time to come to an optimal financial choice. This is also the case for the residential real estate industry, which not surprisingly, is the largest asset class in the world and is associated with huge volumes of financial transactions related to mortgage loans, payment flows, savings and insurance. 

This was the problem Pasquale Di Nicola, Lars Rutegård and Fredrik Dahlström decided to solve in the wake of new open banking regulations.

MONU was created to make it simple and convenient to offer attractive financial products, by working as making platform and offer best in class financial products from leading financial institutions. 

“Our idea was to make it as easy as possible for people to access attractive financial products, starting with savings accounts”

What’s in it for real estate?

“Given that real estate is the largest asset class in the world, the cashflows going in and out of this sector are enormous,” says Pasquale. “We’re talking about everything from savings accounts to loans, insurance, procurement contracts, resident needs, etc. But 90% of this money is going to banks with bad interest rates. If you’re managing these cashflows, of course you want a better return – but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of chasing those returns, and then moving the money from one bank to another.” 

Recognizing the value this could add for their clients, Nabo, one of Sweden’s largest property management companies, became one of the platform’s first users. MONU made it possible for Nabo’s homeowner associations to easily receive market-leading interest rates on their cash deposits, without increasing risk or sacrificing securit

“From the beginning, one of our biggest goals was to build a platform based on the principle of open banking that customers would find convenient and easy to use”

A platform for growth

The successful collaboration between MONU and Nabo made them an ideal fit for the Odevo Group. “The sheer volume of the Odevo Group’s customers in Sweden alone enables us to broker great financial deals and offer best-in-class products,” says Lars. “This leverage will only increase as Odevo continues to grow globally, which in turn will enable us to add even more value in the future. At the same time, being a part of Odevo gives us access to an underlying client base, further enabling us to coordinate better deals with the banks and to tailor even better offerings for Odevo´s customers.”


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