The need for speed.

Name: Carolina Taube Persson

Role: Head of Financial Management, Nabo

Location: Sweden

Background: Carolina has a background as a management consultant and a long resume of leadership positions in the property management industry. She came to Nabo from HSB, where she worked for twelve years, first as head of technical management and then as head of financial administration. Carolina has a master’s degree in economics from Lund University and completed IFL, the Executive Program at the Stockholm School of Economics.

“We are constantly finding new things to automate so our staff can spend more time with customers instead.”

Carolina Taube Persson loves a good challenge. In her free time, she hunts and rides jet skis, and she learned how to dive in order to face her fear of water.

It’s no surprise that this was what attracted her to Nabo. “I like that the company is quick to start new things, but quick to change if something isn’t right. I also appreciate that every decision is based on facts, because that makes it easier to explain why decisions are made.”

One of Carolina’s first jobs was to perform credit analysis of homeowner’s associations. “I never guessed that I would be working with it today,” she says. “Or that I’d be on such an exciting journey – one that no one else has made before. We’re innovative and even though we are a completely new player, we’re already competing with the old dragons of our industry.”

A portal to success

Carolina wants her staff to feel challenged as much as she is. “They should not have to do jobs that are repetitive and boring. Which is why we have digitalized all of that. We are constantly finding new things to automate so our staff can spend more time with customers instead.”

She points out how the portal is a lot like a large basket of information that everyone in the company can look at. They can see from different angles, and use it in different ways. “Because everyone works in the same system, it reduces the likelihood that we are working with wrong information,” she explains.

With the system, Carolina’s team can get so much data that they can constantly be analyzing their activities in order to identify future needs. “In order to determine what our customers’ needs will be, we have to proactively work based on the data.”

While the data about the customer belongs to the customer, the team at Nabo can see the activity logs. And the customer can see Nabo’s activity, too. “Nothing is secret from the customer. We work in the system together with them, so they always have full control over what’s happening in their association.

“We work in a structured way to develop competence among all our employees, so that everyone can learn and succeed.”

How to make everyone happy

Nabo has unusually high employee satisfaction surveys, and it is clear that employees know where the company is going. “That’s because the goals are clear, and we also follow up on the goals we set,” says Carolina. She adds that Nabo is also working hard to maintain that small company feeling, even as the company grows.

“As leaders we take responsibility, recruit internally and develop our people. Our employees come up with suggestions, and we listen. We work in a structured way to develop competence among all our employees, so that everyone can learn and succeed.”

In fact, Nabo invests quite a lot in retaining and shaping leaders. “Our leadership program is a clear indication that we plan to develop our people and improve,” she adds.

Chicken or the egg?

It doesn’t hurt that their customers are happy, too. “When you have happy customers, it makes the job more fun, and vice versa! But let’s not forget that everything we do is about making life easier for our customers,” Carolina emphasizes. “Our customers often have regular day jobs and manage their properties in their spare time. With our solution, they can feel secure knowing we have their back.”

Carolina says they also work hard to keep an open line to their customers. “I talk to customers every week. If there is anything they need, they can call. I have heard my colleagues say that they, too, feel that they can call anyone, even the CEO if they need to.”


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